David Eaves

David Eaves

Founder of Recollect, Negotiation and Strategy Consultant for Eaves Consulting

The speeches by David Eaves focus on public policy, public service, network systems, open source and open innovation. He explores open data in education systems, and believes implementing this technology in teaching will transform the current systems.

David Eaves received his BA in history from Queen's University, his master's in international relations at the University of Oxford and is a Sauvé Scholar at McGill University. He was a consultant for Social Signal, and a member of the UAPS steering committee for Envrionics Institute. He is the founder of Recollect, the negotiation and strategy consultant for Eaves Consulting, adjunct professor at GNWC, and a board member of Keeping the Door Open. Eaves writes weekly blogs and is published frequenctly in the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star.

The speeches by David Eaves explore the opportunities that lie in open data for education. David Eaves is a public policy entrepreneur, negotiation expert and government activist who assists companies with open source strategies and community organization. The speeches by David Eaves reflect his insight and wide-ranging experience.

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