David Erdal

David Erdal

Trustee, Administrator at Russel Trust

The David Erdal keynote speeches recognize the importance and success of employee-owned businesses. His keynotes gives useful strategies about running a successful business. His keynotes highlight the positive factors that come into a business when it is employee-owned, in terms of both working environment and growth of a company.

Erdal received a PhD in Psychology of Sharing at the University of St. Andrews,
as well as an MBA from Harvard Business School. He currently spends time working several different jobs as a Chancellor's Assessor at the University of St. Andrew, the Chairman of the Employee Ownership Trust and the Director at Baxi Partnership.

He is also a published author and is best known for his two books, 'Beyond the Corporation: Humanity Working' and 'Local Heroes.'

The David Erdal keynote speeches are insightful and give valuable knowledge about how to ensure a successful business.

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