David G Thomson

David G Thomson

Founder of The Blueprint Growth Institute

The keynotes by David G Thomson share the need-to-know essentials for aspiring start-ups, betraying his many years of experience in the consulting field.

Thomson graduated from the University of Waterloo before receiving an MBA from the University of Western. His career kickstarted at McKinsey & Company as an Associate Principal. He then moved on to general management at Nortel Networks and Hewlett-Packard, where he stayed for 20 years. Thomson then founded The Blueprint Growth Institute, a management consulting firm.

He has authored the bestselling book Blueprint to a Billion, which was awarded the fourth best spot on the CEOREAD.com list in 2007, amongst other titles of recognition.

By starting from the very basic building blocks of business strategy, the keynotes by David G Thomson are a comprehensive resource for any entrepreneur and manager.

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