David Griffin

David Griffin

Photography Expert

David Griffin's speeches expand upon the tremendous power of photography. Snapshots have the ability to freeze significant moments in time, and Griffin's preoccupation with that process reveals just how critical they are to society. Emotions, stories and history can all be conveyed via imagery, and his expert knowledge of this very industry has been essential to his success.

Griffin holds one of the world's most coveted professional positions as the current Director of Photography at National Geographic. The magazine has been known to capture epic events, be it via animals, protestors or environmental circumstances, and Griffin has overseen the crux of its artistic direction. It logically follows that his experience with the publication realm is extensive as a past contributor with The Columbia Daily Tribune, The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Hartford Courant, not to mention his involvement with the U.S. News & World Report as a Creative Director.

The literally visionary qualities that set David Griffin's speeches apart from the rest are particularly relevant for those engaged in broadcast and fine art endeavors. Such individuals should also take note of his recognition on behalf of the National Press Photographer Association and the Washington Art Directors Club, both of which have further legitimized his message.

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