David Perry

David Perry

Game Designer, CEO & Co-Founder of Gaikai, Inc., Leader Programmer

David Perry's speeches are captivating explorations of the influence and evolution of video games and the gaming industry. Perry believes that video games may one day have the potential to surpass the expectations of reality and may be given preferential treatment over the real world.

As the CEO and co-founder at Gaikai, Inc., a company that prides itself on providing video games to individuals world-wide combined with his previous experience as a programmer at both Shiny Entertainment Inc. and game designer at VIRGIN GAMES INC., Perry possess an in-depth understanding and knowledge of video games. Previous to his current position Perry was the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of online game site Acclaim.com, making him a well-known and respected individual in the gaming community.

With regards to his education, Perry holds a Master's in Interactive Game Development from Westwood College and a Doctorate in Engineering from Queen's University Belfast. Perry remains one of the best known Video Game Industry veterans, boasting over 20 years of experience in the industry and developing and programming over 100 video games throughout his career.

Aside from his direct work with video games, Perry speaks globally about the evolution of video games and since released his book 'David Perry on Game Design,' a book specifically designed for students interested in Game Design. With thought-provoking reflections on the current and future state of the video gaming industry, David Perry's speeches address significant issues the world and reality face because of video games.

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