David Pogue

David Pogue


The keynotes by David Pogue reflect his experience and knowledge as a tech columnist for the New York Times. His career revolves around everything technology-related.

Upon graduating from Yale University in 1985, Pogue bgan writing for Macworld Magazine until 2000. There he had back-page column called 'The Desktop Critic.' Following this, he began his career writing books. Pogue has written or co-written seven books in the "For Dummies" Series. In addition to his writing career, he also has been featured on television. He has won Emmys as the tech correspondent for CBS News Sunday Morning, and interestingly enough, worked as a Broadway musical conductor and received an Honorary Degree in music from Shenandoah Conservatory of Shenandoah University.

The keynotes by David Pogue offer tips, tricks and shortcuts for using modern technology.

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