David Robinson

David Robinson

Community Worker

The David Robinson speeches advocate creating a culture and society based on preparedness and preventative measures, rather than resiliency and managing consequences. The British community worker co-founded Community Links, a London-based charity, and acts as the Senior Advisor. Currently, the speaker heads the Early Action Task Force, which works to answer the question, "How do we build a society that prevents problems from occurring rather than one that deals with consequences?"

Robinson believes in using behavioral insight as a tool for social change. He is the founder and chair of We are What We Do, and authored 'Change the World for a Fiver' among other publications. As a leader in social finance, he is an architect and chair of the Social Impact Bond advisory group and trustee of the Big Society Bank. He received an honorary doctorate from Open University for his public policy work. He also served on the Prime Minister's Council on Social Action and regularly gives keynote addresses.

The David Robinson speeches demonstrate an expertise in matters of public service and governance.

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