Dean DeBiase

Dean DeBiase

Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur

The Dean DeBiase talks on bringing the right people together and forming a supportive organizational culture also mention the work he is doing with 1841, a digital start-up incubator in Chicago. The entrepreneur is the co-founder of Reboot Partners, a growth accelerator for multinational corporations, as well as Boardroom Innovation, Startup Partners and Innovation Excellence. He also acts as Chairman of Reboot Partners.

He co-authored 'The Big Moo' with Malcolm Gladwell and Seth Godin. He also has a professional keynote speaking career, specializing in the entrepreneurial movement, the next generation of innovation, education, disruptive media and technology, global business growth and corporate governance.

DeBiase considers himself a "serial CEO," having a chief executive role in over a dozen private and public corporations including Entertainment Promotions, TNS Media, Autoweb and the Imagination Network.

The Dean DeBiase talk about 1841 identifies the importance of bringing the right people together.

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