Dean Kamen

Dean Kamen

Inventor and Founder of FIRST and DEKA Research

The Dean Kamen keynotes share his views on the future of medical innovations as well as his philosophy that anybody can succeed given the right stimulation and support.

Kamen attended the Worcester Polytechnic Institute but dropped out before he could graduate. He founded the AutoSyringe, a manufacturer for the world's first wearable pumps. After selling this company, he proceeded to found DEKA Research & Development Corporation, focusing on the innovation of medical products for the health care industry. Some of the inventions produced include the HomeChoice system, for safe in-home dialysis, as well as the ThinPrep Pap Test. In 1989, he created the company FIRST, where students in high school age could apply for scholarships and compete in an innovation competition.

One of his better known inventions is the Segway PT -- recognizable in popular culture and as a type of tour available in Chicago.

A notable award received by Kamen is the National Award of Technology in 2000, presented by President Clinton. He was since inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

By drawing on his own career as an inventor and youth mentor, the Dean Kamen keynotes inspire people to become more future-minded and active solution-seekers.

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