Deb Roy

Deb Roy

Professor, Founder, CEO, Writer

The Deb Roy speeches are fascinating explorations that examine the development and evolution of speech. Using personal footage of his first-born, Roy examines and plots the word exchanges of his newborn to analyze and track development.

Currently a MIT professor and the founder and CEO of Bluefin Labs, Roy investigates how children learn language and words. He also designs machines that are capable of communicating in ways similar to that of a human, as to gain a further understanding of an infant's learning processes. With regard to his educational background, Roy received his Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence and Psychology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he now lectures and his Bachelor of Computer Engineering form the University of Waterloo.

Roy is a contributing writer as The New York Times, WIRED and The Wall Street Journal. His extensive research on childhood learning led Roy to author numerous scientific papers on cognitive modeling and human-machine interaction.

Focusing on the processes and advancements in childhood development, the Deb Roy speeches are personable discusses about the learning stages of the young.

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