Deborah Senior

Deborah Senior

Vice President at Toyota Motors Sales

The Deborah Senior keynotes talk about the development efforts of the Relief International Board.

Senior attended the University of California, Berekeley to obtain a degree in economics. She then earned a master's and doctorate degree from the University of Southern California. Her first career post was at Lexus as a product planning manager. She remained at Lexus, cycling through positions like pricing and sales manager, brand manager and corporate manager at both Lexus and Toyota. With her career built up entirely from the ground at Lexus, it is no surprise that she is currently the Vice President at Toyota Motors Sales.

In 2007, she joined the Relief International Board, extending her passion for philanthropy and giving back to the community to her job at Toyota as well.

Through the Deborah Senior keynotes, one can learn about how it is possible to lead a large corporate while promoting regional self-reliance.

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