Dennis Charney

Dennis Charney

Psychiatrist, Professor, Research

Dennis S. Charney's keynotes reveal his years as a biological psychiatrist and researcher.

After graduating from medical school at Penn State, Charney went on to complete a Psychiatry residency at the Yale School of Medicine. A fellowship of Biological Psychiatry followed, completed at the Connecticut Medical Health Center. In 2004, Charney became the Dean of Research at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, before he was promoted to the Dean of Academic and Scientific Affairs and, eventually, the Dean of the school in 2007.

Charney is one of the world's leading experts in neurobiology and the treatment of mood disorders. He owns several patents for reuptake inhibitors used to treat Schizophrenia, and has authored several books on his subjects of study, such as 'The Physician's Guide to Depression and Bipolar Disorders.'

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