Diana Laufenberg

Diana Laufenberg


Diana Laufenberg's presentations hone in on her concern with today's classrooms. While online learning is spreading an at-home approach to education, Laufenberg has remained committed to authentic classroom settings. This commitment is rooted in her impressive academic background, graduating with a B.A. in social studies and political science in 1997 from the University of Wisconsin. In 2002 she went on to complete her Masters of Education with Northern Arizona University. She took these degrees even further in 2008 with her attainment of the Principal Certification Program, also finished at Northern Arizona University.

Laufenberg currently teaches the 11th grade at the Science Leadership Academy (SLA) in Philadelphia, where she specializes in American history. SLA is an arm of the Franklin Institute, and it was her previous grades 7-12 teaching experiences in the realm of social studies that brought her to her current position. Her intense commitment to pedagogy and the slew of related speeches that she has delivered led her to her 2006 procurement of the Arizona Governor's Master Teacher Corps.

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