Diana Swain

Diana Swain

News Correspondents, News Anchor

The Diana Swain keynotes focus on the influential position that Canada possesses in the world. Swain believes that although Canada has a subtle presence it is still an extremely influential and invaluable one.

Swain is currently a television journalist and a Senior Investigative Correspondent with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). Prior to her current position, Swain was the host of 'CBC News At Six' and a current affairs correspondent for 'The National.' She was also an anchor for '24 Hours' where she was recognized with the 'Gemini Award' for 'Best News Anchor.'

With regards to her educational background, Swain received her degree in journalism from British Columbia Institute of Technology and was awarded an honorary degree from Humber College in 2010. Swain can frequently be seen substituting for Peter Mansbridge on 'The National' broadcast. Thanks to her extensive work reporting the news, Swain has received eight Gemini nominations and was the first woman in Canada to win the award. She also received the 2011 award for "Best Investigative reporting" from the Canadian Association of Journalist and the Canadian Medical Association's 2011 'Media Award.'

By discussing Canada's silent leadership role and success as a nation, the Diana Swain keynotes encourage citizens to embrace and experience all that Canada has to offer.

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