Dietmar Dahmen

Dietmar Dahmen

Co-Owner of Architects of You, Advertising Expert

In his presentations, Dietmar Dahmen discusses how people and organizations can adapt to change. With over 20 successful years of experience in the ever-shifting, innately competitive world of advertising, Dahmen knows his subject well.

From Los Angeles and New York to Vienna and Munich, Danhem has worked across the world. He has experience writing copy, planning campaigns as a strategist and leading teams as a creative director, executive creative director and chief creative officer. Dahmen has performed these functions at such distinguished companies as Ogilvy, BBDO, and DDB; although he has since become an entrepreneur.

Dahmen is the co-founder of Architects of You, a company that specializes in branding with a focus on online and social media. As he makes clear in his presentations, Dietmar Dahmen is keenly aware of the importance of staying ahead of the curve and the pitfalls of falling behind. Change happens quickly, and brands must be responsive to this.

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