Dominic Muren

Dominic Muren

Toy Inventor, Product Designer

The Dominic Muren keynotes bring light to revolutionary ideas geared towards creating less wasteful and more useful electronic devices. Muren believes in the need to look at organic life as a benchmark for device designs in order to create consumer products, with improved quality and less harmful impact on our natural environment. Throughout his keynotes, Dominic Muren strongly advocates that a new approach to the design of electronics should incorporate multiple ideas before going into the production phrase.

Currently a lecturer and coordinator at the University of Washington, Dominic Muren received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, and a Master's Degree in Industrial Design from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. His extensive background in engineering and industrial design has allowed Muren to examine both the theoretical and hands-on application of his creative device designs. Dominic Muren has also worked for countless design companies which include Meyer/Glass Design, The Humblefactory, Kieran Timberlake and Michael Graves Design Group.

When Muren is not lecturing, he writes extensively on design and its relation to society for and, both publications which were founded by Muren. He is also the author of 'Green's Not Black & White: The Balanced Guide to Making Eco Decisions.' Like his writing and professional career, Dominic Muren keynotes provide thought-provoking concepts and insight into issues of electronic waste.

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