Donald Sadoway

Donald Sadoway

Materials Chemistry Professor at MIT

The keynotes by Donald Sadoway give insight into the common battery, unearth its sustainable potential and highlight the speaker's quest to better society.

Sadoway completed both undergraduate and doctorate studies at the University of Toronto. Immediately after graduating in 1977, he received a NATO Fellowship from the National Research Council of Canada to study at MIT. He conducted research there for a year before joining its faculty. Much of his research is focused on the performance of batteries, an area where he is now considered an expert.

He has been named one of TIME's 100 Most Influential People of the Year for 2012. He is currently still the Materials Chemistry Professor at MIT, teaching one of the most popular freshman classes at the university.

As evidenced in the keynotes by Donald Sadoway, battery technology is a constantly evolving science that takes the best minds to propel into the battle for sustainability.

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