Donna Deeds

Donna Deeds

Educator, Educational Director

Donna Deeds' speeches make use of her background in educational and business fields. Deeds has worked in many academic institutions, from serving as elementary school principal and assistant superintendent in the Durango School District. She is the owner of an academic consulting organization titled 'Fast Schools.'

In terms of corporate involvement, Deeds has worked for corporations such as Spring and Lore International. Deeds earned the Sprint Extraordinary Achievement award, along with the University of Excellence Account Manage Award and the Eight Facet Winner of the Chairman's Quality Award.

Since 2008, Deeds has been involved with the Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) in the Blue Valley School District, Kansas. As director of CAPS, Deeds is attempting to innovate the education system through a professional based model, exposing students to industry professionals in fields that interest them. The goal of the project is to teach students highly covetable business skills that will become an asset to them in the global work force. The organization is a successful union of private business and public education, boasting over 74 international business partners all over the world.

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