Doug Stevenson

Doug Stevenson

Business Speaker, Professional Trainer and Coach

The keynotes by Doug Stevenson focus on effectively communicating with individuals. To enable effective story telling each partner in a conversation must be equally interested in the subject matter for it to be beneficial communication.

Doug Stevenson attended Augustana College and after became the owner and broker for Sherlock's Homes Real Estate. He made a dramatic career path change, and became a member for the National Speakers Association. Today, Stevenson is an expert story teller, the owner of Story Theater International and a professional trainer. As well, he is the president for Corporate Storytelling in Business and author of 'Doug Stevenson's Story Theater Method.'

Doug Stevenson's goal is for people to stop telling ineffective stories, and start telling ones that transform people's lives. The keynotes by Doug Stevenson show how important successful interaction is in the workforce.

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