Dre Urhahn

Dre Urhahn

Artist and Activist

The Dre Urhahan keynotes share how art can be used to bring new life and creative expression into troublesome communities. Urhahan believes that artistic forms of expression, such as painting, can be used to bring urban spaces together and bridge the gaps between citizens during troubled times.

Urhahan is an artist from Netherlands that has teamed up with friend and fellow artist Jeroen Koolhaas to create an organization called Haas&Hahn;. Haas&Hahn; is best known for its Favela Painting project in Rio de Janeiro that transformed unfinished homes and streets into colorful works of art. Several projects the organization has worked on include 'Boy with Kite' and 'Praca Cantao.'

The Dre Urhahan keynotes will inspire audiences to unleash their creative potential and tap into their artistic talents to create change.

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