Duncan Fulton

Duncan Fulton

Senior VP, Communications Corporate Affairs at Canadian Tire

Strategies for integrating social media into company policies is the main focus in the keynotes by Duncan Fulton. Fulton, who studied at the Richard Ivey School of Business, currently serves as the Senior Vice President of Communications Corporate Affairs at Canadian Tire. He is also the Chief Marketing Officer of FGL Sports.

Prior to joining the executive team at Canadian Tire, Fulton dappled in politics working as the Press Secretary at the Office of the Official Opposition for Dalton McGuinty. In 2000, he began working for the Canadian International Development Agency as the Director of Communications. He then became employed at the Prime Minister's Office as its Communication Advisor and Spokesman.

The keynotes by Duncan Fulton discuss various strategies for incorporating a social media policy in large corporations that are predominantly managed by a senior team. He provides useful and tactful advice for selling social media to older people in business.

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