Eddie LeMoine

Eddie LeMoine

Author and Keynote Speaker

Presented by a new leader born in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Eddie LeMoine's speeches convey that he is a wise man whose expertise lies in business strategy and personal development.

Eddie achieved great success with his first book, Bring About What You Think About, and his name has become more widespread with his continued popularity as a keynote speaker. His history as a successful businessman at companies including GE Equipment and Copugen inspired his truly tried-and-tested approaches to consulting and are the reason for which he understands the dynamics of workplaces so well. Eddie LeMoine's speeches include a wisdom-meets-business approach to strategy, which sets him apart from a sea of similar speakers and has gained him respect and authority as an expert on the topic of employee engagement.

Sure to continue to reach many and inspire listeners, Eddie LeMoine's speeches are appropriate for businesses looking to revamp the way employees work together.

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