Edward Glaeser

Edward Glaeser

Professor of Economics at Harvard University

The Edward Glaeser speeches educate audiences about the relationship between economics and social dynamics in a city.

Glaeser obtained a bachelor's degree in economics from Princeton University before securing his Ph.D. in the same fieled from the University of Chicago. He then joined the Harvard faculty in 1992 as the Fred and Eleanor Gimp Professor. He is currently the Director for the Taubman Center for State and Local Government, as well as for the Rappaport Institute for Greater Boston. He acts as a liaison between the Chicago School and the Cambridge School of Economics. He also writes for the business section in the New York Times.

He wrote a book titled Triumph of the City, which talks about how city living can influence our development and psyche in ways deeper than previously imagined. This publication is only one amongst several other papers about cities, law, urban development and economics.

The Edward Glaeser speeches share the many findings acquired through his research into the underpinnings of economic hubs like Boston and New York in fostering human achievement.

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