Eileen Gittins

Eileen Gittins

CEO of Blurb

Eileen Gittins' keynotes focus on her experience in the world of business and corporate management. As the current CEO of Blurb since 2004, Gittins has become an expert through her various roles in the area of creating positive and productive work environments.

Gittins' past work experience includes various marketing and business development roles at Eastman Kodak Company, VP and general manager at Wall Data, CEO of Personify, CEO of Verb and not currently CEO of Blurb.

Educated at University of California, Berkeley and San Francisco State University, she studied journalism and photography. Known for harboring negative feelings about traditional corporate culture, Gittins is an entrepreneur at heart. Eileen Gittins' keynotes share her success story, personal and professional experiences and great tips.

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