Eli Pariser

Eli Pariser

Co-Founder of Upworthy

The speeches by Eli Pariser bring light to the subject of automatic Internet content filtering and the isolating effect it has on people's paradigms.

Eli Pariser graduated from Bard College at Simon's Rock summa cum laude with a degree in law and political science. Upon graduating he became a part of Moveon.org, an anti-war organization, and stayed further engaged in politics by formulating the Bush in 30 seconds ad contest. He then moved on to write for the New York Times Magazine.

Scaling the corporate ladder, Pariser elevated to Board President of Moveon.org in 2008, while founding Avaaz.org in 2007, and co-founding activism encouraging organization and Upworthy in 2012. He currently retains positions of leadership at all three positions.

He has also written a book, 'The Filter Bubble', on the algorithmic editing that search engines engage in to tailer search results.

Thanks to his observational nature active participation on the political stage, the speeches by Eli Pariser expose an important phenomenon emerging on the virtual world that could change the future of human thought.

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