Ellen Degeneres

Ellen Degeneres

Talk Show Host and Comedian

Speeches by Ellen DeGeneres reflect the talk show host's remarkable sense of comedic timing and clever sense of humor.

A highly personable individual, DeGeneres is an exceedingly informal speaker who usually uses her talents to speak to receptive graduating students. Ellen, who has now reached amazing popularity due to the rapid success of her talk show, did not always face a welcoming attitude from show business. DeGeneres was previously the star of a canceled TV show from 1994-1998 titled 'Ellen.' She kept her sexual orientation under wraps from the media only to receive some fairly harsh criticism after coming out. Because of her tumultuous history with a stupendous outcome, it's safe to say that DeGeneres is no stranger to animosity who speaks from a place of wisdom.

A hilarious but enlightening comic, Ellen DeGeneres is a natural-born speaker with a knack for entertaining. Speeches by Ellen DeGeneres are a testament to her popularity and life experiences.

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