Ellen Depasquale

Ellen Depasquale

Regional Development Director at Constant Contact

The Ellen Depasquale speeches provide pertinent information on how companies can utilize social media to engage with consumers and benefit from these interactions. She is a software expert and marketing advisor for businesses, and acts as the Regional Development Director at Constant Contact.

Due to her sound business efficiency advice on utilizing automation for building customer relationships, Depasquale is recognized as a well-known international speaker, and is often invited to present in front of several associations, such as the Financial Women's Association and the Microsoft Corporation.

Depasquale is also the author of the book titled ‘It’s About Time: Time Management Tips From the Software Revitalist;’ her advice from the book has appeared in several publications such as the The New York Enterprise Report and PC Magazine.

The Ellen Depasquale speeches are sure to provide valuable social marketing tips that organizations can leverage.

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