Ellen t Hoen

Ellen t Hoen

Lawyer, Social Worker, Author, Founder of Medicines Patent Pool

Ellen 't Hoen's presentations reflect on her passion to provide equal treatment and healthcare to people around the world. Having received training in social work and graduating from law at Amsterdam University, Hoen has focused the majority of her professional career advocating for equal and affordable medicine.

She is proficient in intellectual property law as well as medicines policy, making her one of the 50 most coveted consultants in the field, as named by the journal of Managing Intellectual Property. Her collective experiences at the International Society of Drug Bulletins, Health Action International and Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders) have had much influence in her career. Witnessing the lack of medical care that is often restricted by money or intellectual copyrights, Ellen 't Hoen's presetations describe an elegant solution, the Medicines of Patent Pool, an organization she founded that is a voluntary participatory program that serves to make medicine accessible and affordable to people worldwide. She has also won several awards in her career including the Harriet Freezerring Award.

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