Eric Kandel

Eric Kandel

American Neuropsychiatrist

The Eric Kandel speeches focus on studies of the brain and how a human’s memory works. He is the 2000 Noble Prize Winner in 'physiology or medicine' for his research on memory storage. In 1952, he attended the New York University Medical School, and conducted research at the Harry Grundfest's laboratory at Columbia University. Kandel worked as a faculty member in the Department of Physiology and Psychiatry at the New York University Medical School, which later led to the addition of the Division of Neurobiology and Behavior at the University.

Kandel is a continuous contributor at Colombia Uninversity’s Division of Neurobiology and Behavior. He has also contributed to writing textbooks such as 'Principles of Neural Science,' which was published in 1981, but is now onto its fifth edition, and is commonly used in medical schools. Kendel is also part of the United States National Academy of Sciences. The Eric Kandel speeches are filled with insightful information on neurology.

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