Eric Mead

Eric Mead


The speeches by Eric Mead speak to an unusual medical phenomenon. Doctors have been known to observe physical responses on behalf of patients who take placebos, whether in pill or needle forms. The related power of psychology, interpretation and reception are all focused upon in Mead's captivating debates.

Mead's atypical concern with perception stems from his lengthy and literally magical career. He began working as a magician in 1985 and eventually joined the Tower Comedy/Magic Bar as a Magic Bartender. His exceptional work at the bar and at private events gave rise to his name, and in 2005 he joined the talented cast of The Aristocrats film.

The speeches by Eric Mead offer critical insight as a professional speaker, comedian and consultant. His business-savvy approach to magic is remarkable, and his authorship of 'The Tangled Web' breaks down his tricks in addition to his impressive personal narrative.

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