Eric Saperston

Eric Saperston


The Eric Saperston presentations delve into the importance of personal exploration. Saperston boasts the value of stepping outside of one's comfort zone, often leading to desirable unforeseen experiences or what he deems to be serendipity, the very term that best characterizes the crux of his message.

Saperston is a Chicago native who attended San Diego State University where he completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in the fields of speech and communications. He continued his studies at Grossmont College with his attainment of an Associate Arts Diploma.

The Eric Saperston presentations expound upon the benefits of a life spent on the road. Upon his acquisition of a 1971 Volkswagen Bus, he set out to follow the Grateful Dead. The trip turned out to be far more than a groupie adventure however, and his encounters with movie stars, CEOs and a U.S. president landed him a movie deal with Walt Disney Studios. His achievements have been applauded on behalf of the 25th Annual Atlanta Film & Video Festival which designated him as the Audience Choice Award Winner.

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