Erik Brynjolfsson

Erik Brynjolfsson

MIT Professor

Th keynotes by Erik Brynjolfsson focus economic productivity and the role technology plays in that growth. An author, director and Professor at MIT, Byrnjolfsson focuses on how information technology affects organizations, markets and the economy. He proports that humanity should not slow down the technological process, but should learn to work with to and grow with it so as not to be pushed out of skilled profession by robots who do it better and faster.

Keynotes by Erik Brynjolfsson are positive in their outlook for humanity's progress. He says our productivity is growing exponentially thanks to technology. Brynjolfsson was among the first researchers to actually measure the productivity contributions of information and communication technologies. Brynjolfsson's speeches highlight the importance of the human-computer relationship in the 21st century and the need to let it continue to develop and grow, should people want the economy to stay intact.

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