Erin Mckean

Erin Mckean

Lexicographer, CEO and co-founder of Wornik, Columnist, Editor

The Erin Mckean presentations are entertaining discussions about society's and individuals' relationship with language. Mckean believes that society is placing too much merit on dictionaries, commonly accepting terms that are dictionary approved. She suggests that individuals need to broaden their horizons and understandings of words, rather than assigning values based on dictionary appearances.

As a full-time lexicographer and CEO and founder of interactive online dictionary Wordnik, Mckean knows words and language well. She received her degree in Linguistics from the University of Chicago and has been the Editor-in-Chief and Chief Consulting Editor of 'American Dictionaries,' and 'Reference,' and 'VERBATIM: The Language Quarterly.'

Previously, Mckean was the Principal Editor of The New Oxford American Dictionary and has been the author of several word-oriented books including 'Weird and Wonderful Words,''More Weird and Wonderful Words.' Apart from being an author, she also holds a columnist's position at The Boston Globe. As a passionate individual with a love for words and language the Erin Mckean presentations are sensational speeches that address the future of words and aim to extend society's vocabulary beyond dictionary-doting words.

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