Ernesto Sirolli

Ernesto Sirolli

Founder of Sirolli Institute

Founder of Sirolli Institute's Dr. Ernesto Sirolli's keynotes revolve around sustainable economic development -- his specialty -- and how organizations can better assist entrepreneurs with a system he developed.

Dr. Ernesto Sirolli received a Laurea di Dottore in Political Science in 1976 from Rome University and graduated with a Ph.D. in 2004 from Murdoch University in Perth, Australia. A firm believer in sustainable economic development, he devised a selfless system called the Enterprise Facilitation method that encourages organizations to step into the shoes of entrepreneurs, submerging themselves in their passions before offering assistance. His method emphasizes the need to listen and support the interests of the people they are helping, respecting their refusal when it comes, and abolishing all preconceived notions of what may or may not be best for the community since they understand themselves the most. Having worked in countries such as Europe, Africa, Canada, United States and United Kingdom, Dr. Ernesto Sirolli's keynotes often include anecdotes of his personal experiences, what he's witnessed and what he's learned in these journeys.

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