Ethan Nadelmann

Ethan Nadelmann

Reformist and Founder of the Drug Policy Alliance

The Ethan Nadelmann keynotes explore topics relating to the controversial War on Drugs. Nadelmann works as a reformist trying to drastically shift the national governments' perceptions on drug use.

Nadelmann grew up in a Jewish family strict on rules. However, in college and throughout his PhD, Nadelmann became fascinated with how systems of power interact with drug use and why they spend so much money and effort in criminalizing those involved with banned substances.

Currently Nadelmann is the founder of the Drug Policy Alliance that aims to reform drug policies. The Drug Policy Alliance illustrates that much like the Prohibition proved with alcohol, drugs cannot become obsolete from society. The efforts of the organization are on educating countries to focus their attention on learning to safely and positively co-habitat alongside the presence of drugs.

Each of Ethan Nadelmann's keynotes delve into subversive drug topics and offer fresh new perspectives on controversial cultural matters.

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