Euvin Naidoo

Euvin Naidoo

Director of Africa Portfolio, PBB Credit & Standard Bank

The Euvin Naidoo speeches explore the opportunities available for Western investment in Africa. Naidoo is currently the Director of the Africa Portfolio, PBB Credit & Standard Bank. Naidoo has been named by Forbes as the ‘Leading Advocate for Western Investment.’

Naidoo is a Harvard Business School graduate; in 2007 he acted as the President of the South African Chamber of Commerce in America, and led the Africa Entrepreneurship Platform. This program was featured at the Clinton Global Initiative, and was also acknowledged by Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Naidoo is the co-author of the Harvard Business School case 'Nelson Mandela, Turnaround Leader,’ which was released in 2003. He’s been asked to speak at several prestigious institutions, including Harvard Business School, and Colombia University.

Due to his vast experience and insights, the Euvin Naidoo speeches are sure to provide accurate and useful information.

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