Fabian Hemmert

Fabian Hemmert

Ph.D student at the Deutsche Telekom Laboratories

The keynotes by Fabian Hemmert examine the connection between virtual and physical reality.

Hemmert graduated from the University of Bielefeld with a bachelor's degree in media science. He continued to complete a master's degree at FH Potsdam in interface design. He became a research fellow at the Technical University of Berlin for three years before acquiring fellowship status from the Berlin University of Arts in 2011. He is currently a Ph.D student at the Deutsche Telekom Laboratories while up-keeping fellow status.

Hemmert has been a guest speaker at TEDxBerlin talks as well as TEDxSaizburg.

By presenting a remixed concept of the current cell phone, the keynotes by Fabian Hemmert explore the prospect of humanized devices that are more intuitive to our movement and behaviour.

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