Fabien Cousteau

Fabien Cousteau

Ocean Explorer, Filmmaker, Scientist

Fabien Cousteau's keynotes explore environmental topics and often touch on issues pertaining to preserving underwater ecosystems and sea creatures. Cousteau comes from a long line of oceanographic explorers including his father Jean-Michel Cousteau and his famous grandfather Jacques Cousteau. His passion for the ocean began at an early age.

Cousteau is a French filmmaker and scientist with a deep passion for life under the sea. Several of his educational films have been featured on networks like CBS including popular titles such as 'Shark: Mind of a Demon' and the National Geographic Explorer special feature 'Attacks of the Mystery Shark.'

In 2010 Cousteau created the Plant a Fish foundation that aims to bring back the number of creatures living in ecosystems located around the Maldives and Florida Keys areas.

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