Fiona Terry

Fiona Terry

Relief Worker

The Fiona Terry keynotes address the need for widespread humanitarian aid. According to Terry, countries experiencing devastating circumstances should be given attention in a neutral sense, without concern for political alignments or the international scene. This state can be attained via the recognition of our shared humanity.

Terry has worked with Duke University's The Kenan Institute for Ethics as a Senior Fellow. This academic post followed her years of work in the relief field, based in the thick of Northern Iraq, Somalia, Africa's Great Lakes region and the Sino-Korean border. Her keen interest in development eventually led her to Paris' Doctor's Without Borders and to Myanmar where she worked for the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Those with an interest in Fiona Terry's keynotes can rest assured of their practical and academic validity. In addition to her lengthy field placements, she has also completed a political science Ph.D at the Australian National University.

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