Fiorenzo Omenetto

Fiorenzo Omenetto

Professor at Tufts University

The keynotes by Fiorenzo Omenetto enlighten audiences about the versatile properties of silk.

Omenetto completed his Ph.D at Università di Pavia. Upon graduating, he became an Oppenheimer Fellow at Los Alamos National Laboratory. He became a staff scientist after conducting research there for three years. In 2005, he was appointed to the post of Professor at Tufts University. He has taught biomedical engineering and physics as a Guggenheim Fellow as well.

By showing how a single material can be used for so many purposes, the keynotes by Fiorenzo Omenetto make people realize that finding environmentally-sustainable materials takes dedicated research, but is possible. As a speaker, Omenetto appeals to many different industries including those that are product, design and environment-related.

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