Flavio Masson

Flavio Masson

Entrepreneur, Brand Strategist, Sound/Visual Artist

The Flavio Masson speeches on income inequality describe how the social entrepreneur established Rangri, a food ordering platform that gives 50% of net profits to hunger-fighting organizations. Based out of New York City, the Rangri Founder and CEO has a special spot in his heart for Brazilian social issues. By ordering food, he hopes to end hunger with his social business.

The brand strategist also founded 10012, a design and technology firm based out of NYC. In his spare time, the speaker also acts as a sound/visual artist. The marketing and advertising professional has previous work experience at Lumina Americas, Small World Media Inc. and Novas Imagens.

The Flavio Masson speech explains his simple business model and how it is possible to make profit in equal proportion to social impact.

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