Gabrielle Burton

Gabrielle Burton

Writer, Director, Producer, Actor

The Gabrielle Burton talk on gender fluidity discusses her research on drag performances and her recent project directing a documentary on the subject entitled 'Kings, Queens and In-Betweens.' She is also the director of 'Manna in Heaven' and the producer of 'Just Friends,' 'The Happiest Day of his Life' and 'Letting Go of God' in addition to several commercials and public service announcements. She wrote, directed and acted in 'Temps' as well. During the completing of her undergraduate degree at Harvard/Radcliffe, Burton wrote and directed the plays 'Sage and Time' and 'Club Venus.'

At present she is working on a children's book. In the Gabrielle Burton talk, she discusses her personal experience parenting both a boy and a girl and the gender stereotypes they all notice in toy marketing.

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