Garth Lenz

Garth Lenz

Owner of Lenz Photography, Photographer

Owner and founder of Lenz Photography, photographer Garth Lenz's keynotes discuss the importance of understanding environmental impact. Canadian in origin, Lenz focuses on Canada's role in the ecosystems of the world.

Having graduated with honours from the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance, Music Performance and receiving his performers diploma from Vancouver Community College, Lenz has worked to build Lenz Photography.

Lenz Photography, owned and operated by Lenz, looks at conservation issues, industrial landscapes and environmental projects. Featured in Time, New York Times, the Guardian and many others, Lenz's work has worked to increase awareness surrounding environmental issues. In 2008 Lenz was the recipient of a fellowship among the International League of Conservation Photographers. Garth Lenz's keynotes spotlight his dedication to both the environment and photography.

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