Gary Burns

Gary Burns

Filmmaker, Director, Writer

The Gary Burns keynotes are insightful discussions that examine the inspiring potential that exists in disappointment. Burns believes that individuals are capable of finding inspiration in any settings, although, it is solely up to them to find it.

Canadian-born Burns is currently a filmmaker and director. With regards to his work, Burns aspires to create films that make people thankful for their lives, rather than jealous of the lives they will never have. In terms of his education, Burns earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.

Many of Burns' cinematic creations like 'The Suburbanators' placed as one of the "Best Canadian Films of 1996" and earned him the title of "Top-10 Canadian Directors and Screenwriters" of that year. His third film 'waydowntown' won the Toronto-City award for 'Best Canadian Feature Film' and was named the "Best Canadian Film of 2000." As well, this film went on to place as the "Best Canadian Feature," the "Most Popular Canadian Film" and the "Best Screenplay" at the Vancouver International Film Festival.

Currently, Burns is working on his new feature 'The Future is Now!' with co-writer and director Jim Brown. With a passionate interest in film and creating films that portray the hardships of reality, the Gary Burns keynotes discuss the inspiration potential of everyday surroundings.

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