Gary Slutkin

Gary Slutkin

Epidemiologist, Speaker

Keynotes by Gary Sulkin offer an eye-opening perspective on addressing the issue of violence as a disease. Sulkin believes that aggression and violence are not only a behavioral issue but that they are also both epidemics and hence should be treated like one. His keynotes advocate that violence can be eliminated or at least, reduced by treating it in a similar manner to a disease epidemic. A prestigious epidemiologist and the founder of 'CeaseFire,' Sulkin boasts extensive knowledge of violence, behavioral issues and diseases.

Before founding 'CeaseFire,' Sulkin ran the Tuberculosis Program in San Franscisco and later worked as the Chief of Primary Health Care in Somalia treating cholera and tuberculosis epidemics in refugees. In terms of education, Sulkin received his M.D. from the Univeristy of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine and was later its Chief Resident in Medicine.

Both of Sulkin's anti-violence initiatives have shown to dramatically reduce the outbreaks of aggressive behavior through his functional albeit unorthodox treatments. Using his knowledge as a sought-after epidemiologist, keynotes by Gary Sulkin provide an effective and strategically sound plan for battling violence.

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