Geena Davis

Geena Davis


The Geena Davis presentations address one of the most pervasive criticisms of American media. Davis has maintained her belief in the need to further incorporate empowered women into films, shows and social media. According to Davis, there are too few instances of such individuals, bringing about problematic implications.

Davis was born in Massachusetts where she graduated with a bachelor's degree from Boston University in 1979. Her comprehension of academic concepts is remarkable, and she was eventually admitted to the Mensa organization which caters exclusively to the top 2% of individuals who attain top scores on IQ tests.

The Geena Davis presentations are reflective of her career both on and off screen. As a successful actress, Davis starred in iconic films like Beetlejuice, A League of Their Own and Hero. Since then, Davis has taken it upon herself to improve the state of the entertainment industry with her foundation of The Geena Davis Institute on Gender and Media, now working collaboratively with some of the production world's biggest names.

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