Gemma Godfrey

Gemma Godfrey

Board Director, Broadcaster, Quantum Physicist

Gemma Godfrey's keynote career has taken her to large, international events, causing her to be featured in major publications, such as the Financial Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph and The Independent. She is also published in The Huffington post, contributing regular columns to the front page. A quantum physicist by vocation, Godfrey serves as Brooks Macdonald's Head of Investment Strategy, managing funds upward of a five billion dollars in 11 offices. She also directs committees for Investment and Asset Allocation, assisting the firm in achieving their long-term goals. On her own, Godfrey founded, a site dedicated to smart investment choices.

Godfrey lends her services to the Board of Advisors Templars Communications, is a apart of the Investment Expert Group for charity in Europe, and advocates for the Alternative Investment Management Association. She continues to be vocal about supporting women in the business world, earning her a nod from the Sunday Times.

Moreover, Godfrey is CNBS's official contributor in Europe, reaching nearly four hundred million households all over the world. Her career successes have caused BBC to name her one of the Top 100 women dedicated to improving the world, caused AdvisorOne to vote her as their most popular Twitter businesswoman, and caused The Wall Street Journal to include her amongst their "savviest" on Wall Street.

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