Gentry Underwood

Gentry Underwood

CEO & Co-Founder of Orchestra Inc.

The Gentry Underwood keynotes focus on the importance of creating technological applications that facilitate social interactions. He is the CEO and Co-Founder of Orchestra Inc., which is a company that enables people within organizations to be better connected via communication channels.

Prior to him venturing off to start his own company, he was a software designer. In 1999, he earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Stanford University in the field of Human Computer Interaction. He later decided to study anthropology and psychology; Underwood earned a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology at Santa Clara University in 2004, and he also achieved a Master's Degree in Community Research and Action from the Vanderbilt University in 2006. By combining both his software skills and his social science background, he has been able to find solutions that ease human-technology interactions. Being named a “leader in social software,” due to his vast experience and knowledge in the field, the Gentry Underwood keynotes are filled with valuable insights.

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