Glenn D. Wilson

Glenn D. Wilson

Psychology Expert, Professor

Glenn D. Wilson’s psychology lectures primarily focus on topics such as sexual attraction, relationship compatibility, character and disposition assessment and social aberrations. Wilson is currently a visiting professor at Gersham college in London and has authored more than 100 articles and 33 books throughout the duration of his lengthy career. He obtained a Master's from the University of Canterbury before studying under Hans Eysenck for his PhD. Together, Eysenck and Wilson worked on what eventually became the ‘Eysenck Personality Profiler,’ amongst other projects.

He went on to collaborate with esteemed colleague John Patterson on the ‘Wilson-Patterson Conservatism Scale.’ Both of these projects are now standardized and commonly used measures for psychology research and testing. Later on, Wilson pursued his interest in the discrepancies between the sexes with an evolutionary approach. He eventually published the ‘Wilson Sex Fantasy Questionnaire,’ which has become a popular research tool.

Wilson's personal interest in performing arts lead him to publish the 'Psychology of Performing Arts,' which has become a staple text in most drama programs. Wilson’s other career highlights include working as a Reader of Personality at the Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College and serving as Adjunct Professor at the University of Reno, Nevada. Wilson is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society and regularly speaks at Universities or offers his expert opinion for television programs.

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