Gloria Allred

Gloria Allred


The Gloria Allred presentations delve into the pressing issue of women's rights. Although many argue that there is nothing left to fight for in this political, sociological and economic realm, Allred argues that the battle has not yet been won. She instead maintains the need for everyone to support feminism with a staunch for or against mentality.

Gloria Allred's trailblazing legal career began at the University of Pennsylvania where she received an honors B.A. in 1963. She later entered the foray of New York University as a graduate student. After attaining her M.A. degree from NYU, Allred continued her studies at California's Loyola Law School and eventually entered the ranks of the State Bar of California in 1975.

Allred's captivating presentations are consistent with her controversial involvement with women's rights cases, often appearing before television broadcasters. Her representation of females and celebrities alike has attached fame to her legal status, and in 2011 her trials became the subject of the court show series entitled 'We the People With Gloria Allred.'

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